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Daily reflection

Gather the petals of kindness and goodness

In our novena prayer,I saw a vision of a little saint coming down from the cloud with a beautiful rose flower in her hand. She can closer and said.”how happy is this blessed are these people who live at this generation.

How blessed are these people who live at this time. Rejoice o children of Zion.O you have been privileged to see light in this dark word. Rejoice the blessings love and mercy. Which heaven has opened for you are so great. No had seen such blessings. No generation has experienced such love.

 I said no generation has received such mercy from their God. Oh it Is possible to see a generation which can give greater favour than these given to you this living generation! See the Lord is calling you to perfection.

The Gate of heaven is open to you all. You are indeed the children of the beloved son of the eternal Father.
Children of the beloved I have come to bring you closer to heaven. See the doors had opened for you.come and see , I am your daughter Theresa. I have come with the loving message of my master to offer you some petals of rose of perfect purity.

I come to inform you that you will reach the state of purity by gathering for yourself be neglected little petals of rose of perfect purity. Children of the beloved gather your petals kindness for your selves. These petals has been lying unused in the world. No one cares to pick them up. Gather them for yourselves. This is a precious gift for the world. I say this is petal of perfect purity.

Children of the beloved, do not pass it. O pick it pick the petal of kindness. Be kind ,be kind! Manifest your kindness your kindness in this wicked world you are called to renew it. Children of the beloved manifest your kindness t those who hate you. I say reward them with kindness for all their hateful act against you. Manifest your kindness for Al their hateful act against you.manifest your kindness to those who mock and critize you for the sake of the Lord .

Show them great kindness. Even if they mock you for the kindness do no neglect this petal. I say pick it, show them great kindness, children of the beloved, manifest your kindness in hour of sadness and joy. On that day when your heart shall be so bitter o my loving friends, do not pour your betterness to anyone remain kind! With a cheerful face and heart, show kindness to everyone you see.

You are gathering your selves the petal of perfect purity. Even one of your joyful days, do not forget to be kind.never, I plead never allow pride  overwhelm your life at any time. Do not annoy anyone as you rejoice over triump. I plead to you again be “kind”.

 Whenever the word seeks your kindness offer it to them. O my my friends do not neglect this precious petal. I gathered it on my own that’s to reach this state of everlasting purity,here this loving petals will never wither.

Gathering the petals of goodness

See another petal which our loving creator permits me to offer you. O my friends, may you receive it form me this is a petal of Goodness. He wants you to be good. He wants you to do good as you as well.

 The world triumpled on this holy petal. But you my friends may you embrace this loving petals f Goodness this is another petal of rose of purity. Be good let see your goodness always.friends in hour of dryness let the world see your goodness.

In your thirsty period let the world see your goodness. In the temptation to cheat one another,let the world see your goodness.
In the temptation to fall into sin of the flesh, let the world see your goodness in the temptation t hate one another let the world see your goodness in temptation to dispute let the word see your goodness.

 Friends no say in the temptation to fall into sin let the world see your goodness. May your goodness manifest in both your goodness and glorify your father in heaven.

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