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History of charismatic in Nigeria

Secretarial information

Provinces service team members
1. Rev. Father Paul okewu_ provincial chaplain.
2. Bro. Leaonard okeke_ chairman PST
3. Bro. Paul Asih_ vice chairman
4. Bro.jude s.c asogwa_ secretary
5. Bro. Iyke Nkwocha_ asst. Secretary
6. Bro. Vincent A. Onuoha_ fin. Secretary.
7. Sis. Nelly fadile _ treasurer.
8. Bro. Theophilus ibeh_ public sec
9. Sis. Damiana balogun_ ex official
10. Bro . Daniel Ali_ Ex officio
11. Sis . Elizabeth sadiku_( outgoing chairperson, ilorin dioces)
12. Bro. Cyprian onyeukwu_ ilorin diocese
13. Bro. Felix o. Oluwumi( incoming chairma, ilorin diocese)
14. Bro. Paulinus ntmere _ ilorin diocese
15. Bro. Ernest o.p Nwagbo _ chairman, Minna diocese.
16. Bro. Alloysus olinya_ Minna diocese.
17. Sis. Gertrude esimokwi_ Minna diocese
18. Bro. Linus n. Ekeiwu_ (outgoing chairman' sokoto diocese)
19. David onuka_( incoming chairman,karfancha diocese)
20. Bro. Basil ohasiligwu_ sokoto diocese
21. Bro. Clementine ugwu_ sokoto diocese
22. Bro. Denise sekepe_ kaduna archdiocese.
23. Bro. Eric Micheal_ ( incoming chairman, karfancha diocese)
24. Bro James mudiare_ Zaria Diocese
25. Bro. James kehinde_ Zaria Diocese
26. Bro.  Joseph mudiare_ Zaria Diocese
27. Evang. Benjamin ifedigo_ Kano diocese
28. Bro. Patrick azurundu_ kano Diocese
29. Bro. Paulinus ifedigbo_ sokoto diocese
30. Sis. Bridget otalike_ sokoto diocese.
31. Bro. Fidelis Nwodo_ kontongora prefecture
32. All diocesan chaplain_ kaduna province.

History of charismatic in Nigeria

Fact you must to know

Here we are going to discuss the basic questions been asked by researchers.
Question 1: when and where did the Catholic charismatic renewal began?
Answer: from our new comers foundational class we were been told that it was
been established in 1967 by some concerned Catholic students in notherdan and Duquesne university, Pittsburgh USA.
Question 2:when did the charismatic renewal begin in Nigeria and which is the first group big take off?
Answer: the first prayer group was funded in 1971 in ibadan  and it was named
Glory band community ibadan.
Question 3: who was the first charismatic chairman in Nigeria?
Answer: Rev. Fr Jim Birmingham,sps_ Lagos 1974_ 1979.
Question 4: who is the president of international Catholic charismatic renewal service ( iccrs)?
Ans: the president is Allan pannoza
Question 5: who is the president chairman of the Catholic charismatic renewal of NiGERIA?
Answer: Bro. Godwin ukachi_ Minna diocese.
Question 6: who is the provincial chairman of CCRN?
Answer: Bro. Leonard Okeke _ Minna diocese.

Goals and projects of the Catholic charismatic renewal of NiGERIA

1. Development of the national service center of ubulu uka Delta State.
2. Publication bof national historical data.
3. Establishment of secondary institution at the national service center.
4. Getting the charismatic renewal vof NiGERIA and her activities bon the world wide web ( internet)
5. Renewal of church Charismatic life and missionary activities.etc

Project of the charismatic renewal of kaduna eccl province
1. Collaboration with the national security team in achieving her national and international goals.
2. Development of provincial Secretariat in Kaduna.
3. Encouraging grass root evangelization at diocesan and prayer group levels.
4. Promotion of charismatic renewal activities in diocesan etc.

Note: the Catholic charismatic renewal of kaduna province and if NiGERIA need your prayerful, financial and moral support to achieve their goals.

I wish you God’s blessings as you walk in Dominion and power.
Jude s.c. asowa ( P.S.T)
May God take you back safely in Jesus name .
From provincial conference planning committee.

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