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How to succeed as a student

Early Hour Revelation

During this hour, I saw our lady accompanied by two little cherubim’s. She wore a very bright vail in her head and with a mantle and well. As she approach she carmly said“ my son, I see with joy the coming manifestation not the triuph of my immaculate heart and the kingdom of God on Earth.

My heart rejoice bad I see many little lilies of love and of purity scattered all over the world, I can see them emitting the new perfumebof holiness, which bus diffusing in this rotten world so as to refine it.
Through their holy brightness, I can see them attracting to themselves and to their God the little insects of the world of the world.with the attraction of these little insects, pollination will take place in the world. Then, there will developed the fruit of life.

My children will eat this fruit and have life everlasting. This fruit is not like the forbidden fruit, which the first Eve gave to the first man ,Adam and both of them and their children died. But this is the tree of life and it’s fruit for their salvation. Oh my joy.

My joy.. my son is Happy !  On the day when my little lilies shall be gathered for their rest.  My loving kisses shall reward shall reward them for all consolation given to my son and me .

I will embrace them with this heart, which receive much of consolation,son my appeal is let my lilies remain for me,let them remain the Consolers of the agonizing heart. May I see their faces. May they receive my loving kiss and embrace my heart that longs to see them.


Son I am speaking in a state of ecstasy of the coming era of peace . Yet you will understand for you have reached the age of spiritual reasoning. My son has much to teach you in this is to prepare the heart of my little lilies of the triuph  of the two hearts of love.

Be ready to accept the message .if the prayers of my people of my heart. I will reveal to you the true prayer for the childless couple.
Soon let my lilies remain for me.

I am the mother of the agonizing Jesus Christ remain in peace from heaven . So I leave you , immediately the vision pasded.

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