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Western Education in Nigeria

Impact of Western Education on NiGERIA Culture

Western Education according to oxford advanced learner’s dictionary,implies “bringing in ideas or ways that are typical of Western Europe and America to other countries. Western Education since is inception in Nigeria has brought about tremendous change in the ways of life and cultural values of the Nigeria people.
The introduction of Western Education commenced with the emergence of the colonial masters. Activities of the missionaries which dates back to 1841 with Mrs. De graft of the Methodist mission ad fore front missionary.

According to okafor (1981) the aim of introducing this form of education was to use it to convert the heathen Nigerians to Christianity. Western Education assumed that Nigeria culture and religion had no system of ethics and princip of conduct. With this belief, they embarked upon establishing schools,churches and other euro_ based institutions.

During the colonial era, Education was a very powerful means for transforming the Nigerian society. As observed by lebaking and phalare( 2001, colonial Education called into question the very humanist essence of Africa people.

Also there were many institution and cultural practice such as African religion, medical practice and the family as an institution were regarded as “black”, this showed that the objective of the missionaries who introduced Western Education that supported the school were not meant to improve their cultural practice.

Since the dawn of the twenty first century, westernization has been a phenomenon that has been spreading across the globe at a tremendous rate. The spread can be attributed to many factors which includes globalization. Nigeria ,like many countries of the world has been at the receiving bend of the western Norma and values system where the negative aspects are now something that are witnessed in the lives of many Nigerians especially the igbos and so the positive impact are things nobody wants to emulate or make part of their everyday lives.

The negative effects of westernization has spread it’s tentacles to every nook and cranny of the Nigeria state including bthe south eastern states dominated by the igbos this influencing band changing btge cultures of many tribes and ethnic groups in the country.

Nigeria as a nation has many cultural practice which diverse tribes believed and valued before the introduction of the western education. Among these numerous tribes and ethnic groups that make up Nigeria are the igbo people in the south eastern part of the country whose culture were affected by western education.

Impact on Culture
According to engineering news record, culture is a cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attributes, meaning, religion,role and material things and possession acquired by a group of people in the course of generation through individuals and group striving.

Nigeria as a country has so many cultural values and attitudes expected of a citizen, and every ethnic groups in Nigeria will like her people to make such values an attributes a watch dog to their everyday life. This also applie to igbo in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Values and attitudes
Mukherjee (2002) considers values as constituting the foundation for the cultural universal which bind human beings at a variety bof levels such as the family, local government areas, states, national, community and the world at large among others.

Values are any good not worthwhile concept, idea or things that motivated relationship and integrates individuals together within the framework of a society.
Kazi said that the values in human life are a set of belief which guides and justifies the actions of individuals.

 In the same way , murkherjee defines attitude as ones feelings, thought and predispositions to behave in some preferred manner towards some objects.

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