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Hello dear,
Every business institution, school, nation, and individuals that have stood the test of time and weathered various storms which is by the way inevitable in life to make impact have all operated on the basis of a well laid solid foundational values and strategies.

The kingdom of darkness marshalled by the commander in chief of all the forces, the Devil (I personally refer to him as the OLD DECEIVER) is not exempted from this principle.

 His kingdom is well established on five key fundamental values.

 The values will be taken in series.
Before I elaborate on this devices, let me share what inspired this write-up so you can properly understand my view point and how the message applies to you.

I was at a youth leadership forum one Sunday evening when I got a call from my dad, he asked that I bring something home. On my way home, I saw a group of youths both male and females probably from a party or some sort of hangout.

 The brief moment I was opportuned to look at them I noticed majority of them were not looking responsible at all. At that moment a lot of thoughts flashed into my mind but one stood out and that was the waste and wrong application of the talent, resources, abilities, and power that God has bestowed on each and every one of us.

 “for everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory…”(Rom 11:36 nlt). I was just deliberating on all this when it popped up “THE BIG LIE”. What lie? The devil has sold the world a big lie and it’s as simple as this, ”GOD IS BORING AND I’M FUN”. This simple lie has destroyed countless destinies and brought untold pain and misery to them.  So let look at the first strategy with which he expands his kingdom.

I can’t conceive of a better way to explain this concept of accusation other than creating a typical scene of what really happens in the very depth of our soul.

     JACK: Oh God! Not again, why can’t I just get my mind off this girl? I can’t believe I just lusted after Ella even though I just concluded my prayers.

     SATAN: But she is damn cute. I mean, the smile, the well outlined curves.

     JACK: she kinda likes me, see the way she looks at me. Oh my! I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

    SATAN: I can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Thank goodness, she will be at Octavia’s birthday party tomorrow, maybe I can…..

    SUSAN: Hey jack, it’s time for evangelism, hope you’re coming?

    JACK: Uuhhmm! Yeah, sure go ahead I’ll be behind you.

    SATAN: Oh crap. How do I even tell someone about Christ after all this thoughts.

    JACK: Dear lord, I’m sorry, forgive me…

     SATAN: I’m still going to hook-up with Ella tomorrow, let me skip evangelism today. Why not? Just today, after all God is angry with me. How can a child of God harbor such thoughts?

      JACK: God! Your love is unconditional for me, am…..

      SATAN: I am not worthy of that love , I even lied to mum about that phone!

      JACK: I told mum the truth and she has forgiven me.

      SATAN: But I lied, a Christian can’t do that, what a shame!

      JACK: But…….

      SATAN: But what? I’m filthy, I’m petty, how can I even approach a holy God, maybe I just …..

         Go ahead, finish up the play, you are creative.
This short scene might seem peculiar to Christians but it transcends religion, race, and belief. Maybe you’ve come across someone you are trying to convince to act right and he looks at you and laughs, then he made that all too familiar statement, “You don’t know what I’ve done “ how can I call on God again, how do I act right? How can I ever change? Can God ever forgive me?. You can call this “guilty conscience” but it’s obviously more than that.

The enemy accuses you for what you did in the past and what you’ve not even done. What is his aim you may ask? Well he wants you to feel unworthy of God’s love, mercy and salvation.

Once he succeeds then CONGRATS! You are back in prison my friend.
Don’t be scared dear, there is a way out. “for whoever calls on the name of the lord shall be saved”.

 God proved his love to us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Our salvation is not based on merit but a gift and we did absolutely nothing to deserve it. It’s the grace of God. Hallelujah.

Writer: genius david

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