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Poverty and unemployment concern

Poverty and unemployment in Nigeria

Poverty as unemployment as social problems have reminded many developmental changes in Nigeria for a very long time.

As obadan and odusola observed, unemployment in Nigeria was more acute in the 1980s and has been on the rise ever since. In 2008, 15 percent on the nation’s work force was unemployed in 2011.

The figure escalated to 20 percent. The victims of this phenomenon are the youths among who are unemployed in Nigeria.
Absolutely poverty in Africa is a situation where majority of people find life excruciatingly agonizing due to difficulty in meeting or satisfying their basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and education.

It is worth saying that a society bedeviled with the problem of endemic rate of unemployment and poverty especially among in productive segment nof the population at it is in Nigeria.

Poverty in Africa
Poverty is one of the greatest challenges facing nation’s of the world and the international community. It is a local, national and global problem bthat poses a threat to the well being and security of the people. Statistics has shown that the poverty rate in Nigeria increased form 27 percent to 66 percent in 1996.

 It was estimated that more than 70 precent of Nigeria live in poverty.

Only about 10 percent had full access to essential drugs. More than 5 million youth were estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS. Only about half of the country has access to safe drinking water.

An earlier survey rated Nigeria as one of the twenty fifth poorest countries in the world more than one third of it’s population unlikely to survive to 40 years of age.

The report on the level of community poverty in Nigeria with respect to basic community need shows that the levelf deprivation to of the country of electricity, health facilities, banking facilities , agricultural activities.

The above of the scenario may be country is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world, hence the security challenges we are a battling as a nation.

Poverty According bro oyelola is a condition which exist when a person lavjs the means to satisfy the necessities of life.

Olameje defined poverty as the degree of difficulty encountered in making Ed’s meet poverty could be viewed as a situation ofnlack of resources to satisfy the basic needs of the lack of resouuro satisfy the basic need of life among which includes foof,shelter and others.

Poverty indicators include unemployment low income, disease, hunger ,and low standards if living band tht any definition of yeh poverty rests upon prior conception of warefare covering political, social and economic aspects of life. According to this paper, poverty is a condition where people are unable to satisfy their basic needs therefore, unable bro live a decent and fruitful life.

One of the greatest threats to national security and development is a high level of unemployment especially among youths.
Unemployment describes the condition of people who are without jobs, world Bank described the unemployed and a number of the economically active population who are without work but are available for the seeking work.

This includes people who have voluntarily left work. Unemployment exist when members of the labour force wish to work it cannot get jobs.

In the context of this paper , unemployment refer to people who are willing and able to work but are redundant, frustrated, angered and unproductive due to lack of decent jobs.

Sambo opined that more than 50 percent of unemployed citizens has no vacancy for which they could be considered every year and the inflation rate coupled with lack of adequate fund to start business hinders the growth of self employment as an option.

The concept of insecurity connotes different meaning such as absence of saftey, danger,hazard,and uncertainty, lack of protection and lac of safety. Insecurity is a state of fear or of anxiety due to absence of lack of protection. Achuma defined insecurity from two perspective.

Firstly  insecurity is the state of being open or subject to danger or threat of danger, where danger. Is the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury.

Secondly insecurity, insecurity is the state of being exposed to the risk of anxiety is the state of being exposed to the risk or anxiety.

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