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Need for Responsible Parenthood

Single parenting in Nigeria and the role of guidance and counceling

For thousands of years, the traditional family has consisted of man and woman coming together to live life as one.

In other words it takes two to tangle and this is expressly stayed in the holy Bible in Genesis 2:24, “ for this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife”.

The results of the union of man and woman is the procreation of the children. In Africa much importance is attached to a child bearing and rearing, so it is the responsibility of the parents to train a child in the way that he will be useful to himself and the society.

In general raising a child has different phases, a time to teavh, instruct, discipline and guild and the parents bplay a crucial roles in the development of the child has  different phases.

Although single parenting has not overshadowed traditional family structures in Nigeria, it has gained attention due to emergency of pressure groups agitateting for the formalization of singles parenting.

 One could assert that sooner or later policies will begin to be put in place to reduce single parenting stigmatization as African countries imitate their their Western counterparts. It is therefore the  contention of the author that time is ripe for the strategies to streamline the practice of single parenting in the country in time of it’s operations and guidance practice through government policies.

Traditional child rearing practice  in Nigeria

Several child rearing potions exist in Nigeria according to parents belife and conviction. For example the holy Bible of Christian’s counse in proverbs 22:6 that train up a child in a way he should grow and when he grow up he will not depart from it.

This is further expressed in God’s intension for man and woman. “ to be together and procreate and train these children together”. Child bringing is a responsibility of the two individuals involve in the conception of the child. The father and the mother.

The mother has the role and such as the father, the foundation of what a child becomes in life is laid when each of the parents perform their role in the home. Infact the role of the presence of both parents in the home ensures that a child is better prepared socially to live life.

The father and the mother therefore have important role to play in seeing to it that the child acquires appropriate social, psychological,moral and academic development


Over the years the rigid philosophy of the traditional family consisting of the father, the mother and the children has been evolving hence single parenting ceases to be an anathema.

Causes of single parenting in NiGERIA

Single parenting is becoming very popular in our society. It’s nascent prevalence is now viewed as an alternative family from rather than a problem bin society formation.

There are several factors responsible for single parenting in Nigeria.

Some of them include paper divorce,separation of various kind such as death of ones spouse. Disharmony among spouses, unwanted pregnancies culminating into delivery if unwanted children and separation occasioned by working conditions, and single parenting by choice.

Diovorce: due to irreconcilable difference because of circumstances in the marriage such as infidelity, domestic violence etc, some couples may not be able to live together anymore. This could result in estrangement and consequently divorce from a constituted authority such as the court of law.
Death:  the death of one of the spouses leaving the other spouse to act as the sole caregiver for the children.
Adoption:  the option of adoption serves as another alternative to single parenting and has been a viable options in the first world since the 1960. It must also be noted that most single parent adopters are women and usually adopt a child of the same sex and this form of adoption is especially popular among gays and lesbians.

Early pregnancy
Raising a child alone during a teenage years in a Promethean task primarily because teenagers are not yet mature enough to handle the consequences of their present predicament. In fact, at this age they are characterized by emotional instabilities.

Consequences of single parenting in Nigeria
In Nigeria, the issue of single parenting is no more an anathema. It is comonplace. With this awarness a lot of people have written on both the positive and the negative sides on the children from single Parenthood.

In famous articles the cases of the four children raised by the mother described their mother as overbearing, too protective.

Implications of counceling practices
Counselling can be defined as a process of supporting an individual to identify, understand and take action toward addressing ones people bin realistic ways.

 It has become an aspect bof Education that cannot be overlooked since Education is operational term refers to a process of teaching or acquiring knowledge, skills and values.

The 21st century school child has many challenges which among others are Educational, psychologicl, emotional and social.

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