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Basic principles in learning

Moral Education and insecurity

Moral Education is the type of education that inculcate in learner’s the right type of tenets that would would make them life peaceful I the society. It essentially infuses in student values that would bring about social integration.

 Such values include the maintenance of discipline, respecr, recognition of the principle, respect, for other people’s right embracement of social competency and citizenship Education (Elegbeleye, 2005).

The non recognition band inability of people to maintain these values leads to the occurrence band reoccurrence of rancor, political turbulence, economic related offences, acrimonies frastratiom and social vices in the society. Therefore, moral Education is a matter of deep concern to everyone from parents to Civic and religious leaders.

Clarification of major term

Moral Education:

Mamman sees moral Education as the insulation of desired values,norms, attitude approved by the society in order to have good citizens in the future. In the light of the above definition,moral Education is the key to the general sustenance of national integration and social orderliness.

In addition, integration and social orderliness, in addition , what normally bgood is what brings dignity.

Security: the security denotes a situation which provides national and international conditions favorable to the protection of a nation, state and it citizens against Existing and potential threats to national security traditionally is understood as the acquisition, deployment and use of military force to achieve national goals.

Insecurity: while insecurity is looked as the state of being unsecured , unprotected from espionage, attack and theft etc.

in other words it is a situation where person and properties are in protected against a range of hazards, including crimes fire and attendant risk, such as accident, explosion, disaster ,civil disturbance, bombing and some cases attacks by external enemies.

Issues and insights in moral Education in Nigeria

According to omololub, NiGERIA is a country with potentials of greatness ,a large population comprising of a dynamic work force, a growth economy, natural resources ,raw material and natural deposits , which makes her one of the major exporters of crude oil in Africa.

Despite the indicies of greatness, many years of Independence, NiGERIA is yet to find her feet among the committee of nation’s in insurgency counties to take it troll on the country and make life insecure for the ordinary NiGERIA citizens.

Moral Education was introduced into the school system at the elementary stage in other to inculcate moral uprightness in young children so that by the time they grow up they would not become a nuisance to the nation.

It obvious that the shortfall of students Education of national integration and national security in Nigeria are seen mainly in the inability of the various government and the state agencies to consistently and institutionally moderate the conduct of the youth in the veiw of civil Education. The poor Leve and security.

The situation has kept term of individuals and group in different sectors of national life.

Moral Education as a means of promoting security in Nigeria

Moral Education bas ameans of promoting security in Nigeria as identified by oyebamiji is an instrument per excellence for the promotion of peace among youths and adult members of any given society. It is systematic acquisition bof relevant moral knowledge in our environment and the world around us.

Akn opined that since the youth stage is the common state where people get involved in crises and conflict and it is the immediate level of development after the childhood, and with the these age bracket in school.

 Introducing peace tenets to children before developing to youth stage would likely be appropriate.

According t omede moral Education also help develop qualities, aptitude and abilities which enabel the individual acquire critical understanding of problem at the national and the international level.

Olutanmole asserted that in the curriculum for schools, concept like conflict, culture, game spirit political maturity and their effect need to taught.

Final recommendations

1. Moral Education should be introduced course or subject from primary to tertiary in order to inculcate moral values, characters and civil responsibilities into pupils and students.

2. It is also recommended that,the affection domain aspect of education should be give most priority while implicating moral Education programmes.

3. Research shows how those who grew up under a corrupt system tend to be corrupt. Therefore all leaders should lead by example.

4. The inculcation of moral values should not left for government alone, parents,teachers, religious band community leaders are expected to contribute to this end.

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