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Condition for commencing schools in Nigeria and reasons

Condition in reopening school in Nigeria

The reopening of school has been the news clamoring around the shores of Nigeria, this was as a result of the prolonged shut down of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the country by the ministry of education.

Students and parents has complained bitterly for the reopening of institution and the appeal has lead to so many meetings held by boards of directors.

 The board has earlier stated the the closure was not for any other reason besides the need to stop the futher spread of the virus and keep all students and teachers safe.

 After so much pressure the board listed out some conditions for the reopening of school in the country.
 Some of the reasons will be listed out on this post.

FG conditions for reopening of school in the country

Since the lockdown was to reduce the spread of the virus, the lockdown will be relaxed if the following conditions are met.

1. Maximum of Ten people should be in a class: the board has started that if school is to be reopened, Students won't be allowed to stock themselves in a class in other not the spread the disease. So every institution which wishes to reopen must have sufficient class rooms for study

2. Sanitizers and hand disinfectant should be provided in various places in the class: for classes to commence disinfectant and hand sanitizers will be provided by the institution for Students to disinfect their self before, during and after the class.

3. Proper awareness must be made to students about the dreaded disease: public awareness should be made to students and also be informed on how to behave and associate with the school environment.

4. Provision of protective wares: protective wares should be provided to each student in other to aid to reduce the spread of the virus within the school.

5. Proper sanitation in the school always: the school should be able to conduct constant sanitation within the school and constantly ensure to disinfect every surface in the school to avoid the spread of Covid-19

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