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Counceling for youths growth

Challenges of youths today across the world

Before looking at the challenges of youth today,let's look at the definition of who is a youth.

The united nations for statistical consistency across regions defines youth as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24years old.
The term youth can also be termed or referred to a persons between the ages of 15 to 35. It can also be simply defined as the period between childhood and adulthood.
This period is characterized by increased desire to be independent,to be appreciated and respected and very importantly to try out new ideas or ways.
Therefore,it is a very delicate period that if not if not carefully managed often leads to conflict with authorities(parents,teachers,instructors).
Some challenges facing the youths today

1.failure of parental upbringing: it say teach a child the way he should go and when he is old he would not depart from it.

2.peer group influence: many of our youths are easily influenced by the peers to indulge in harmful social practice such as smoking cigarettes and drug addiction just to belong or to be accepted.
3.failure of our educational system and institution.
4. Negative influence of Internet and social media.
5.clash of cultures : most youth are so quick to imbibe foreign cultures such as the mode of dressing (use of miniskirt for girls and sagging for boys).
6.Get rich quick syndrome : today people only respect you of you are rich not minding the source of your wealth. This is contrary to the will of God.
7.influence of religious institution: it is a common knowledge today,that many of our religious gathering emphasize on riches and wealth rather the core tenets of fear God,love of neighbor, for,repentance and others.
Possible solutions to this challenges
Below are possible solutions to challenges to help our today's youth.
The role of parents and family: the family is often said to be a domestic church and the basic are most vital unit for character formation.
The society as we see it therefore,the sum total of the individual family outputs.
The pervasive moral decadence we see today can be ascribed to the failure of the family.
This particular factor is the most crucial of all.
Get the family right and all other challenges listed above become less manifest and easy to contain!
Until and unless we play our roles as parents in the lives of our youths,they will continue to be a problem in the society because charity they say begins at home.
One cannot give what he doesn't have. As parents we tend to allow our children have their way even when we know that they have not reached that stage.
Do not withhold discipline from a child, if you beat him with a rod he would not die and save his life from hell.
As parents,we should teach our children how to pray and to study the word of God and to study the word of God no matter the situation they find themselves because with God all things are possible. A man Steps are guided by the Lord .
I tell my children that they can not make it In life without God.
We shall help our children by guiding them and helping them and giving them advice's that will shape their faith, education and choice of career.
We should spend quality time,discuss with them and become close to them by making them our friends so that they can confide in us when they have problems.
Combatting peer group pressure:

We should learn to discuss with our children about their friend's, this will help us to know what is happening with them and then we can give them the proper advice because in this their computer age,children are easily carried away by things they hear and see their peers do.
Complementing the role of school and teachers:
Parents school complete the effort of the schools and teachers by going through their books and visiting their books and visiting their schools of find out how they are performing.
This will enable us know where they are lacking so that they are lacking so that we can help them build up their confidence.
Mitigating negative cultural influence:
We should teach our children to dress modestly and explain to them that there are different dresses appropriate for different occasion,parties,church,at home etc.
They should not put on clothes just because they saw them on television or because their friends wore them.
They should be taught respect for elders and authorities ,they should be introduce their close friends to the family and must inform their parents about their whereabouts.
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