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Functions of counselling based communication

1. Communication is used to persuade, to influence relationship,to inform and to share,discover and uncover information.

In relationship to counseling as an agent of peace and security, communication, whether verbal or non_verbal if effectively used, expresses the following purpose.

2. To gain pleasure, express peace and security. Through communication, the individual community, society, family and the nation at large express the feeling of happiness.

3. To establish and improve relationship among people. Easy flow of good communication create peaceful and harmonious relationship among people. Though effective and good communication an individual can be motivated towards positive or negative venture.

4. Through communication we can develop policies, pursue and achieve them for peace and security toward sustainable development.

5. Communication can be used to reduce friction in the society.

6. Communication help us n self identification. That is the role we play in our relationship help us to establish identity.

7. Communication enables us to learn more about ourself to discover who we are. Many faced with the quotation of WHO AM I? This is a search for real self. This can only be achieved through communication with self( intra) and with others. ( Inter).

8. Communication is used for transaction of business.

Problems of poor communication

Communication involves at least two parties the speaker and the listener. Sometimes there are there are third parties in between people who carry messages from one person to another such as the media.

Basic problems of communication

1. Misinterpretation of communication: this simply nmeans to understand somebody wrongly. People often say things that are not interpreted in the way the statement was intended. When people are angry with each other, the likehood of misinterpreting communication bor information is greatly increased with unusual course of social conflict among members.

2. Failure to understand an opponent perspective: this is a very common problem. People in conflict often usually assume that everyone sees the situation the same way the themselves do. They failed to recognize that other people are in different situation, and have different interest,need, values and experience. This is why could be clashes in interpretation and difference in understanding which may lead to lead to serious problems in communication.

3. Cultural barriers to effective communication: culture affects both substance and style of communication. It influences how people express themselves, to whom they talk and how they talk. For example, in some culure, people may feel comfortable talking openly about their feelings with anyone, others will only talk openly an honestly with close friends while others may not talk that way at all.

4. Language difference: language also being defined by oxford advance learner’s dictionary as a system of communication in soeach and writing used by people of a particular country or area. Communication flow with people of same language and even with the same dielects.

5. Poor listening skills: listening involve paying full attention to someone inorder encode both his verbal and non verbal words. Good communication requires the two parties to listen actively and carefully asking questions and confirming interpretation to make sure they understand what the other person meant.

Counseling strategies for promoting peace and security in Nigeria

Counseling is an interactive process conjuning who is vulnerable and needs assistance of a counselor whose goal is to help the client learn and deal more effectively with the reality of his environment.

Some strategies are Been listed below

1. Assertive training: this behavior modification package is designed to increase individuals skills and confidence in communiting honesty, direct and spontaneously given clear message and responding actively to the other person.

2. Psycho educational techniques: this techniques deals with educating the individual on how to maintain good relationship through good and effective communication.

3. Legal right of individuals to information and communition can also deal with intervention strategy for peace and security.

4. Individual counseling: individuals can be councelled on the importance or need for effective communication for peace and security toward sustainable development.

5. Group counseling strategy: group such as family, industies, hospita, schools and communition etc, can be counseled on the usefulness of effective communication.

Communication strategies for Enhancing peace and security

Communication bis the desire to get information or message passed across from the sender to a particular destination.

In other to achieve peace and sustainable development the following are being considered.

1. By giving attention and listening to those involved in the communition process irrespective of their social standing.

2. Both the government and citizens should be fair and honest in their contribution to nation building .

3. Both the government and the citizens should be fair and honest in their contribution to nation building.

4. In the process big communition we should try to avoid what will cause the lives of others. Everybody values life, whether poor or rich, all or big literate or illiterate.


To achieve a certain degree of information system, peace band security different strategies have been proposed for implementation. These have formed a basis for their evaluation band comparison.

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