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Counseling education, promoting peace and national security

Counseling education, promoting peace and national security

Meaning social economic and political development can only be achieved in an atmosphere of peace and security, where all agents of development co exist in harmony.

National security involves effective policing and careful watch against elements that could breach Peace or anything that can jeopardize the social economic and political development in Nigeria.

National security therefore means the process and act of effective protection of lives and property in the country. Nigeria as a nation has been beclouded with problem of insecurity mostly laundering, embezzlement of public fund, advance free fraud 419 assassination embezzlement of public fund, advance free fraud (419).

Assassination, election rigging, Boko Haram and so on, the consequences of the country does not experience meaningful development, there is always political instability and survival of the fittest.

The above pictures points out clearly that the country if faced with lot of security challenges. The question that may be asked at this juncture are:
1. What factors are responsible for insecurity in Nigeria?
2. What are the consequences of insecurity?
3. How can counseling be used to secure sustainable peace and security?
4. What should be the solution in maintaining national security?

Conceptual clarifications Education.

Education is the bedrock of development of any country bot the world Gwa posited that Education is q universal process which allows all human societies develop the requisite knowledge.

Experience and skills for their self preservation and growth. People who have the requisite knowledge and skills have something positive to contribute to the advancement of their societies and cannot be used as agent of destruction.

Education provides skills that enable people to productive and responsible members of the society. Skills necessary for effective performance in any giving occupation is equal through education. By implementation, skills acquisition and utilization is the solution to rising unemployment, according t todaro, the expansion of educational institutions crates employment opportunities for school workers, builders, prinyers, manufacturers, among others.

Like most concepts in social discourse, there is no universal definition of peace.however peace has been generally defined as the absence of war and violence. But this conception had been criticized by many scholars for being inadequate for peace. The Norwegian peace theorist,johan Gultang distinguished three types of violence that can help to understand the concept of peace namely:

Direct violence manifested by physical emotional and psychological violence.
Structural violence which comes in the form of deliberate policies and structures that causes human suffering, dealth and harm, and cultural violence which involves cultural norms and practices that creates discrimination, injustice and human suffering.

In addition, galtung outlined to dimensions bof peace. The first is negative peace which is the absence of direct violence, war, fear, and conflict a individuals, nations and international level.

As ibeanu has argued. It institutionalization of political structures is a way that . It would be wrong to classify a country experiencing pervasive structures violence as peaceful. In other words, war may not be going on ina country where there is pervasive poverty, oppression of the poor by the rich, police brutality, intimidation of ordinary people by those in power, oppression of women, or monopolization of resources and power by some sections of the society, it will be wrong that there is peace in such a country.

Like peace, concept of the security has undergone fundamental changes in the last two decades. Security has been defined as condition or feeling of safety from harm or danger, the defense, protection and preservation of core values and the absence of threats to acquire values.

But since the end of the cold war, there is the desirability to shift from a state  and elite focused view of security to one that places the individual at the center of the security equation thereby bringing on the concept of the human security which combine elements of national securit, economic development and basic human rights.

National security refers to those characteristics which guarantee security to all the citizens of any nation. These include: food, peace, employment, migration, work, and livelihood, living in secured areas,, social saftey etc.

A comprehensive definition of the term national security entails guarantee of protection of politica, social, family, infrastructure, technological, lives and property of citizens. When any of these is lacking, the citizens feel threatened and needs assistance.

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