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Counseling for Students writing exams

Complete act of reading 

Reading is a way of building up what has what has been put down in written form.
The written symbols are used to form words or sentences,which are are in turn expected to be represent certain information or intension. Reading is thus a form of communication during which the content,challenges and claims made by a writer are gone over by the reader who tries to capture the substance of written materials. In certain instances the activities may involve reading aloud while most others situation may involve silent reading.
Some of the principal factors that influences ones level of understanding during reading are been listed below.
  1. Use of ones past experience
  2. Connection of the different points being made.
  3. Structure of the sentence.
  4. Vocabulary selection.
  5. Identification of the style of the text.

Increase Reading speed

The speed at which a text is read questions accurately answered on it called reading speed. Reading speed will depend on the level of difficulty of the text and the purpose for which one is reading. When we read a text and very closely and carefully we engaged in intensive reading .this involves examining all the particular details of the text intensive reading. the reader reaction after the  intensive reading may involve weighing the points mentioned or the argument material that often required to make an evaluative judgment.
Material that often require intensive reading increases include editorials,letters,memoranda,examination questions,reports and very important passages and text book.

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Spread reading
Under this kind of reading questions the reader makes a very great use of expanded eye span or sweep of the eyes with the aim of going over the reading material at a greet speed. The material being read may be a novel or a news paper.
The reader may only slow down when a particular point of interest is made. Speed reading may be employed to obtain the gist or the main substance in a text. It may also be used when the reader is scanning for a particular piece of information.
As earlier mentioned,the strand of speed reading most relevant for certain activities. Example include those listed below:
  • Going through a novel.
  • Going through references.
  • Reading a newspaper.
  • Watching the last part of a film on the screen
  • Reading notice along the traffic.
Some of the equipment used for training speed reading include the tachistoscope,the flashcards, reproduced paragraphs,whole chapters and other standardized text.
In the absence of these materials the students can organize themselves to engage in peen or within class competition. Stating the objective before reading is very important, using before questions is also important.

Reading for literal understanding

You may go through a text to identify a point or points stated outwardly or directly by the writer when we read what has been stated directly, we are involved in lateral comprehension through this is usually a basic or elementary level of reading,it can sometimes be very cchallenging depending on the writer language used.
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Some Literal comprehension questions you may encounter
Below are some literal comprehension questions you may encounter:
  1. Which university is Fr. James and alumus of?
  2. Who ordained Fr. James daman
  3. What order does fr.James DA man to?
  4. When was fr. James daman born
Most literal comprehension questions are usually direct consequently answers to them are Al's expected to be direct. The answers must not be more detailed than the required. The student may use some of the words is to be preferred.
This is because the response expression in ones word Will reflect accurately the degree or level of ones understanding.
Sometimes the information In a text may modified or transformed through the use of an expression or an unfamiliar word.
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