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Free places to study online in this lockdown

Free places to study from home in this lockdown

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 So if you are a student and you haven't been visiting this site, then you have Missed a lot. On  this website Students stay informed and also study as well.

 Since the commencement of Covid-19 getting a place to study has been stressful and difficult, because most institutes has been closed down.
So what the deal there? The only way Students could study is to participate in online lessons.

On this article I have compiled some list of places where Students could go and study in this lockdown.

List of studying places across the world for Students

1. Allschoolgist Students Portal: Allschoolgist provides you with a free learning group. This learning kits could be acquireed by all students Across the country.

How to join E-learning program on allschoolgist

As stated on the above paragraph, this organization runs a free learning section for all students Across the the world.
Below are the step by step instructions in joining the program.
  1. The organization has provided an e-learning app which has made everything easier to everyone who wishes to participate in the lessons.
  2. Download the app from playstore HERE.
  3. Install and open the mobile app.
  4. On opening the app you will encounter alot of sections ranging from many Free libraries, lecture hall, test class's, primary, secondary and tertiary Forums .
  5. Sign up as a student with correct details.
  6. Start studying.

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