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How pursue your studies in this Global pandemic as a student

How pursue your studies in this Global pandemic as a student

 It has been recorded worldwide that this global pandemic which the whole world has been battling has affected so many students in different ways and has placed a question make on their reading activities.

But this should not be so, as a student there are certain measures to take down so as not to be affected by this situation the whole world is facing.

Speaking on present records so fare, crime rates has increased and thereby putting the entire community in danger If proper measures are not taking.

Several cases of theft, rape, terrorism has been recorded due to the lock down and this was resulted due to the fact that students are now left ideal.

On this article we have written on how all students worldwide should behave in other to not to fall to any victim of circumstances that would warrant something bad.

Possible steps for Students for learning in this lockdown
1. Partaking in online studies: this is the best way and place for Students in this period of lockdown because they will now have access to online resources to aid learning. In most cases Online learning do come with videos where the instructor will lecture his or her Students in a video in other to Enhance conversation rate, although this might be difficult for some Students to about due to the reason of it cost.

2. Daily offline reading:  this is a general and most easy accessible way, as it requires zero cost to start up. Instead of staying at home doing nothing and causing problems for themselves, Students can sit down, get their test books or note books to slide back on things that have been taught before and also after gaining ground Students can now proceed with further studies.

3. Getting a lesson teacher: this is also a critical role in learning during this lockdown, you mustn’t brake the lockdown rules in search of a teacher, but All you are been requested of is to get a close by person who you know really well knows more that you and ask them for constant tutorials In other facilitate your learning.

4. Join social media: social media is not just meant for gossiping and whiling away time with friends and group members, social media like Facebook holds a lot of educational groups and pages all you have to do is to Join and follow all Educational activities been carried out in the group.

5. Limit unwanted conversation with friends: not all friends been kept are good, some of them are to decieve and while away time so it is you duty as a student to fish out those friends who makes zero impact to your educational life. Because all the do is to delibrate on irrelevant matter’s.

6. Partake in quiz sections: it is advisable for Students to Join online quiz in other to help them build up from what they have read, this serves as a test or exam as it is used to test the ability of a student. Such can been found on Facebook, Twitter, whatapp, learning apps and lots more

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