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Top secrets to succeed in UK college exams

Top secrets to succeed in UK college exams

It baffles me to get when I see college students struggling to get a pass in his exams and I begin to ask my self
What's so hard in this exams?
Does this Student really have an idea of what he is doing?
Do they know what college is all about?
I bet they don't, and this has kept disturbing me each thing I come across poor performances of Students it kept disturbing me non-stop.
 But most students has encountered me in the course of study, most of they aimed at understanding the terminology of exam success, an one this I keep telling them is that the answer lies before you.
Most students have the opportunity to make straight A's in the exams but may end up managing P which is very poor.
But luckily on this write up am about to disclose one of the best exam success secrets to councel Students in other for the to understand the terminology of becoming successful.

I will call this the 6 bullets for academic success as a student.
Below are the possible ways in which Students can now prepare and study for academic success.

1. God factor: it is very vital to acknowledge the presence of God in anything we are about to do in other to get his support or acknowledgement. 
Most people fail because the think they are smart and their success lies within them, it is very essential to hand over the exam, test, quiz into Gods hands.

2. Get your mind of examination malpractice or any external help: 

this is where most students fail in their quest to succees, this is because once you have placed your mind on examination malpractice or any external help it makes you loss full concentration  or let me say it reduces the zeal to study because you have placed your mind on help elsewhere so there is possibly no much need to stress your self.

3. Study past questions: this is another area in which Students should emphasis the more in other to come out with a tremendous outcome.
Most questions often do repeat themselves, so studying that will be an added advantage to the student.
As a student you are highly advised to go and get past questions from people who have sat for that examination in the past.

4. Plead with parents to Grant your time to study: this option might not been seen useful to students who are less busy, this is highly recommended for Students who engage in work after school or other work depriving them from studying.
As a student you are suppose to have a specific reading time table and on no account should any activities hinder you from studying, so for Students who are always engaged it advisable that you discuss with your guidance to grant you time to study.

5. Mingle with positive friends: as a student it is very good that your select the type of friends you mingle with and dissociate your self from any friend who have zero or bad impact to your life.
At this point in time students preparing for examinations should mingle with friends and discuss on what have been taught or read in the past. 
This will help in building a strong relationship for better understanding.

6. Don't over read:

as a student preparing for your examinations you are meant to read but at same time you are not to over stuck yourself with books because when you do, you will end up not remembering what you have studied earlier.
So after reading, go out and mingle with positive friends and you might also use studying apps to enhance your learning.
See E-learning app HERE.

With this post I hope I have been able to pass a message to students out there in other to attain success in college's

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